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Online Roulette

Casino roulette has been popular far longer than the internet casinos have been in the business. It is still one of the most played table games in the world, and together with blackjack, it rules the online and live dealer casino industry.

The appeal of this game is simplicity of play, pretty good odds offered to players and decent payout potential, since a straight up bet can return 35 to 1 on your stake.

Types Of The Game Offered

There are three main roulette types commonly found at online casinos. You have a choice between the European, American and French variations. While all of them have very similar rules, there are slight alterations to either the playing layout or even money bet rules.

European roulette seems to be the most played game type and almost all online casinos have this game type in their portfolio. The game features a single zero wheel and pretty straight-forward rules. This game type is also one that is spread across live dealer casinos, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

French roulette is probably the most rare on the list, mainly due to the fact that players enjoy a lower house advantage than in any other form of it. This is due to the so called “la partage” rule that allows a gambler to claim half of his stake back on even money bets, such as red or black.

Then there’s the American game type, which seems just bogus to us, as there’s really no rationale behind a player choosing this variation compared to the other two. The house edge in it is double the norm and is based on the wheel having two zeroes – single and double.

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Live Dealers

RNG roulette games are pretty popular, but can’t be compared to the real thing – playing in a brick & mortar casino. Instead of accepting that players who don’t like the computerized version of the game, online casino industry pioneers came up with an awesome solution to the problem, live dealer roulette.

This niche, which was pretty small a few years back, has now exploded and everyone looking to play roulette online will without a doubt prefer this option to the computer simulated one.

You get real human dealers, most of the time very attractive females, and spins are streamed real time through a HD video.

The technology has even gone a step further as well and you can play with live dealers from your mobile phone or a tablet device.


Most online casinos have generous welcome bonuses and it might seem that roulette would be the perfect way to abuse the system, but it’s not. Things like betting on both colors at once, which is a losing play by the way, is almost always mentioned in the terms and conditions as a fraudulent activity.

Not only that, but most signup bonuses exclude wagers at the roulette tables from contributing towards the requirements. While you might still be able to use the bonus funds to play, it does absolutely no good for turning that casino cash into funds that can be withdrawn.

Betting Systems

This is probably the most over-hyped “way to make money” on the internet. There are thousands of sites suggesting that you use the red or black system, which is nothing more than Martingale betting system.

Not only is this not a sure way to win, but it’s also a sucker play. There is not a single betting systems or pattern that can help you to decrease the house edge and turn you into a winning roulette player.

The problem with Martingale is that for it to work you’d need to have an infinitive wealth and betting limits. While you might be able to beat Bill Gates with the first one, there is no way that a casino will make their betting limits infinitive.


On the go play seems to be the next big thing, and any legit online casino will also offer a version or two for playing roulette on your phone or tablet computer. In fact, casinos powered by Evolution Gaming, such as RedBet, offer a chance to play with live dealers.

Understanding House Edge & Basic Deviation

House edge stands for mathematical advantage the casino holds against you. In roulette this is between 2.54% to 5%, depending on the game type played.

Simple way to explain the house edge is by imagining that you bet $100 per roulette spin on any of the options a typical game offers. Lets say you play American roulette so the house edge is 5%. Every time you make a $100 wager, the casino takes $5 and your expected return is $95.

If you don’t think that this is a fair way to look at things, you’re crazy, because this is exactly how casinos make a profit. Sure, you won’t reach this expectation in 1 or 100 spins, but over millions of them made, the house edge stands. It’s an argument made based on statistics, so there’s no reason to argue that you made money that one night.

It’s also important that you understand that due to the high payouts and low chances of winning, when making straight number bets, roulette can be extremely volatile. We have had nights when we finish way ahead and never go under our principal, while some other nights are brutal. All of this is due to standard deviation and completely within the norm.

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