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Guide To Online Casino Games

Gambling used to be a social activity that involved going to a brick & mortar casino whenever you wanted to gamble. All of that wastable-games changed when the first real money casino was launched on the Internet in 1992.

It was not until around 2003 when online gambling really became mainstream. This was mainly because by now everyone owned a personal computer, had an internet connection and a debit or credit card to use for depositing and withdrawing.

Today players are able to play thousands of casino games by simply joining an online casino. You are not even obligated to do it for real money, as all casinos will give you a chance to try them out for the so called play money.

Most Popular Games

While there are new casino games invented on almost a monthly basis, some have been around for a few decades and are more popular than others. Below we’ll introduce you to the most popular games.

We have also created dedicated sections for each of these where you will find everything from the rules to strategy.

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Slot machines are the most popular form of casino gambling and it’s not even close. There are thousands of these games, created with different themes, features and payout ratios.

What you should be aware of is that there are around 10 big companies dominating this market and accounting for 70-80% of all games.

Worthy mentions are MicroGaming, PlayTech, Net Entertainment, WMS, IGT and Novomatic, who have created the popular Gaminator machines.


Blackjack used to be a target to advantage players in late eighties and early nineties. Players could keep track of the cards dealt and start betting big when they know the high cards are about to come.

Casinos have since implemented various measures to prevent players from card counting, but blackjack is still the most popular casino card game played offline and online.

Any online casino offers multiple variations of the game. To find out more about the game we suggest taking a look at our blackjack section.


Roulette is a number prediction game, where players are betting on whether a number, or group of these, will be spun on a wheel. The wheel normally consists of 37 numbers from 0 to 36, but some games might have altered this slightly.

The game is know for high payouts and extreme volatility. If you don’t get excited by even money payouts, but love table games, it might be a great fit.

We have covered the game inside out in our casino roulette section.


Dice game that is mainly played in the United States, but has also gained a decent following in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries with close proximity to the US. Most casinos will offer at least a single variation of the game.

It’s worth adding that some craps bets have a very small house edge with don’t pass line potentially being as low as 0.015% in some game types found online.

To learn more about the game check out our casino craps section of the site.

Video Poker

Video poker is somewhere between a slot machine and 5 card stud poker game. It offers a chance to play poker against the house and win according to a set payout chart.

Before the big poker boom most of the players interested in playing the game started exactly at these machines.

The game is available at all our recommended online casino sites, and in most cases you’ll find at least a dozen variations offered. Some of these also have progressive jackpots offered.


Punto Banco, as this game is often called, is extremely popular in brick & mortar casinos across Asia, but is played online a fair bit. It’s a simple to play game with complex drawing rules and a small house edge.

The game is based on card comparison where the banker competes with the player. Though you are able to wager money on any side, unlike in blackjack where each player is playing their own hand.

Baccarat is almost always offered in multiple game variations, which includes mobile and live dealer ones, should a casino be technology advanced enough to offer them to begin with.

Live Dealer Games

We have no information about who was the first ever provider of live dealer casino games, but the people behind it were certainly geniuses.

The technology has now exploded with hundreds of casinos offering it and tens of thousands playing different games that are offered by software providers.

Providers we would like to endorse for US players are GGL and Ezugi. The first empowers many popular US friendly casinos, such as BetOnline, while Ezugi is behind most bitcoin casinos.

Most popular games that can be played with live dealers are blackjackroulette and baccarat. You can learn more about this gaming type in our live casino section.

Playing On Mobile

Mobile gambling has had triple digit growth from year to year for a while now and we don’t see this stopping anytime soon. With 2 billion people using mobile phones on a daily basis, we are expecting sites to improve the usability of their apps all the time.

Currently most casinos offer mobile slots, blackjack, roulette and a few even do have live dealer games for users of iPhones and iPads. We have a complete guide for on-the-go players here.

Playing For Real Money

You are under no obligation to play casino games for real money after joining a casino. It’s perfectly normal to give them a try in free mode before considering anything else.

Though we often find that having some money on the line makes the experience more enjoyable, especially if you are an adrenaline junky. When a game can pay out up to 10,000 times your bet, which is true for Book Of Ra slot, you will surely be excited every time you hit that spin button.

Online Games VS. Land Based

We are not going to get into how much more convenient playing online is, but rather talk about game payouts.

Online casinos are often way more generous with bonuses and slot RTP percentages that show how much of the wagers are returned back to the players over a period of time.

Land based casinos have large overhead costs for employees, maintaining the building, electricity and so on. It’s almost impossible for them to over this exclusive playing environment while remaining profitable if the margins are low.

This is why many land based casino slots provide a relatively low payout percentage of around 70 to 80%, while online these numbers are approximately 95%.

When it comes to other games like blackjack and roulette, land based casinos offer rules that are equal to games found online. It’s just slots that we definitely suggest playing online instead.

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